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Want to join our team of agents?

Are you interested in joining Vacation Ever After? 


We are a full service travel agency that specializes in magical family vacations all over the world. 


We are a Disney focused agency but also book any cruise line, all inclusive resorts and trips to just about anywhere around the world. 


We are owned and operated by a proud military family so we take special pride in focusing on military discounted vacations but we book travel for anyone!

What is involved in being an agent?

  • Agents with Vacation Ever After are Independent Contractors (ICs) and work from a home office. Each IC sets their own working hours but they are responsible for being accessible to clients that need assistance while traveling and for responding to clients in a very timely manner.
  • Agents are responsible for generating their own leads and finding their own clients.  The more you market yourself, the more clients you can bring in.  The agency is happy to provide training and suggestions for marketing but it is up to the IC to actually put this into practice. 
  • Training is provided by the Agency by phone and online. We also provide onsite training a couple of times a year where agents can attend and learn about different destinations. 


What is required to be an agent?

  • A dedicated business phone number for clients to be able to reach you.
  • A reliable computer with updated browsers and dependable internet access
  • An office space that allows you to make and take phone calls in a private and quiet environment.  You will be dealing with credit card information so agents need to have a secure space to conduct business and store files.

What is necessary to be a Vacation Ever After agent?

  • Must have personally visited a US Disney park at least 4 times and at least once within the past year.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Remarkable customer service skills
  • Organizational ability and attention to detail
  • Dedicated and secure home office space with quiet for business phone calls
  • Team Player
  • Social Media savvy with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc..
  • Ability to generate your own leads. The agency provides marketing training but the agent needs to have the confidence to put these tools into practice.

What else would help you become an amazing agent?

  • Extensive sales experience.
  • Extensive travel to multiple Disney destinations.
  • Prior travel experience around the world.
  • Prior customer service experience

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